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Lindy Hop

Early 30s of the last century. Harlem. African-Americans.
This is the scenario where the LINDY HOP came to life. Since it was not born in dance academies, Lindy Hop has no fixed patterns and binding, unless the structure of swing music. It is influenced by past and contemporary dances (charleston, shag, breakaway etc ...), by improvisations and inventions of the people who used to dance it, but in fact, it has very deep roots that smell like ocean liners, chains and spirituality. Simply said, Lindy Hop is a "street dance" and for this reason there are various methods and schools of thought regarding the teaching of this discipline.
This dance is mainly practiced in couple but includes individual steps too. The LINDY HOP is suitable for everyone, since everyone can adapt it to their own personality. The only indispensable thing is the music which gives it the soul needed to captivate anyone.

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